The first two youtube videos are presented by Huynh Thuc Vy

1) Video "stop torture and violence in Vietnam".

I am Huynh Thuc Vy, a dissident blogger, a human rights defender in Vietnam. While I am sharing these words with you, torture and violence against civilians, especially dissidents still continue and get more serious.

The universal principles: Freedom, Democracy and Human rights are "luxurious things to our people. Farmers are displaced from their land. Workers are exploited in factories. Protesters are brutally beaten due to their gathering to express peaceful patriotism.

We really want to enjoy Democracy. We really want to get Freedom. We really want to have Human Rights. These values are protected and promoted in your countries, but in our country, we have to pay a high price for them.

We might be imprisoned because of exercising the rights to freedom of religion, expression, peaceful assembly, and association.

The authorities not only use legal instruments to muzzle dissidents , but also use violence and torture against them. Year by year, the number of the authorities’ violent victims increases rapidly. We are frequently under violent attack by police-sponsored thugs and even by uniformed police in police stations.

How will the future of our country be with violence encouraged by the authorities? How will our children grow up when they usually see their parents beaten. We fail to enjoy peaceful lives and fail to contribute to building our country because law enforcement agencies do not hesitate to brazenly violate human rights.

We want to tell the world that we just really want to exercise our fundamental rights.

What would you to help us? Share this video and take actions to tell the Vietnamese authorities to:

Return land to poor petitioners!

Return the right to freedom of trade union to labors.

Return the right to freedom of expression to our people!

Return pagodas and churches to congregations!

Free all prisoners of conscience!

With this video, I may ask you to help us:

Stop violence! Stop torture in Vietnam!

 2) Video "Human Rights Abuses against Women in Vietnam"

In the context of human rights violations in Vietnam, women are always the most vulnerable. 

Apart from being victims of forced labor, human trafficking and slavery, Vietnamese women are also victims of violence and political persecution from the authorities because they fight for justice and dare to express dissenting opinions. These violence and political persecution carried out by the authorities have more severe impact on us just because we are women.

When male prisoners of conscience are in jail, mothers and wives are left to bear all the burdens of supporting their families. They also have to make visits to their sons and husbands – very difficult tasks - on their own. These women are often harassed by local authorities and alienated by government-fearing neighbors. Sometimes, they have to try to protect themselves and their children in vain from attacks by thugs hired by police.

When farmer families are displaced from their land, mothers, wives and daughters often took on the task of going to the central government in Hanoi to submit petitions. They usually live in parks and on pavements while waiting for the authorities to respond. Sometimes when they stage protests they are brutally beaten up by police and hooligans.

When female dissidents are imprisoned, the lack of hygiene makes them more susceptible to diseases than male prisoners. Moreover, female political prisoners are often made to share cells with HIV-infected and bullying inmates which really traumatize them. 

As far as our group named Vietnamese Women for Human Rights is concerned, the aforementioned women are targets for our support. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese authorities consider VWHR illegal and their policemen frequently harass our members.

I hope international communities will support our efforts to defend these women.
For a start, please share this video. 
Thank you so much for your kind considerations.